Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is simple: Focus on opportunistic investments that deliver exceptional returns to our investors. These include:

  • Have good retail attributes of location, demographics, and traffic (pedestrian or auto)
  • Distressed assets (such as properties in foreclosure or properties damaged by natural disasters)
  • Assets that can be re-positioned and have added value potential
  • Properties in sub-markets with strong employment growth
  • Properties in sub-markets where supply is constrained or barriers to entry.
  • Product in areas that are neglected or depressed but have strong underlying fundamentals.
  • Market-timed investments.
  • Buying assets at less than replacement cost.
  • Well defined exit strategies that look to return investor capital within 18-48 months.
Investment Approach

Investors have always valued cash flow. So do we, in looking for investments and potential developments, by acquiring properties that can be developed, renovated and re-positioned to generate substantially higher rental growth and cash flows. Our development expertise and construction capability enables us to complete renovation projects at substantially lower costs than many other companies in our market. We have a thorough understanding of tenant needs and expectations, due to our relationships, detailed market research and vast experience. We apply our insights in providing services and making improvements that not only are cost effective and generate the highest cash flows, but also have the most value to tenants.